Sunday, December 6, 2015

Long Expected (In Celebration of Advent)

Come. As the mother great with child waits the nine months, she whispers or groans or yells in her last few moments before she becomes a mother. Come, baby who I've been waiting for who I have been expecting. Come, child that has inhabited my womb and expanded my heart. I'm waiting for you. Nine months is a long time to wait when you can't keep down any food. Nine months is an eternity when your back hurts and your hips ache. Nine months is a long time to wait to meet a little person who is part of you but who is uniquely themselves. Come.

Sweet baby, we look over you and we think of what you will face in your lifetime. We think about how you must grow to stand tall, learn to be a man, and face a world that is unkind to innocence, that in a blink would rip your innocence away. We will protect you lovingly, and teach you along the way. We want to see you grow up and watch you mature.

Come. The world has been waiting for thousands of years, we groan in our waiting that is yet to be realized. Come, Deliverer who has been promised and foretold. Come, Savior who we have heard of and believed in though we haven't yet seen. We're waiting for you. Years of waiting seems like an eternity when creation groans under the weight of sin. A thousand years is a long time to wait for a Savior who is God, a Savior who Has a rescue plan for us. Come.

Sweet baby Jesus. You came, you knew what you would see in your life. You knew you would face a world unkind and unloving. You entered and dined with people who were sinners without expecting them to change. You loved. You grew to be a man, and then gave up your life willingly in the greatest rescue plan ever. Come, long expected Jesus. You were born to set us free, and to bring us back into relationship with yourself.

Come and teach me of Your love.

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