Sunday, December 13, 2015


Edges of possibility. Boundaries.  Lines.  Call it what you'd like to call it.

"The problem I think you are having," I said after thinking about it for about a week, "is limits."
I began to explain what had become clear to me after some thinking.  "It is what we all feel at one time or another.   We want to have more time.  We want to have more money.  We want to have more to give.  We want to have nice things.  We want a clean bill of health with no problems. But somewhere in this great abyss of wanting, there is a realization that there has to be some limit to it."  Even the super rich end up bouncing off the edge of possibility in one way or another looking for a higher high and something more.

In this world we want to be able to have a full experience. However, we are limited by time, by money, by jobs, by health, and by resources.  We are constantly having to choose which way that we will invest in the future, but the present and the choices we make today in some way limits the future. Really, we are longing for an eternity with no limits on time, money, work, health or possessions.  We are looking for something beyond ourselves, beyond what this life can offer.

When He entered the world, He became limited.  He, the God of the universe became a man. He experienced the everyday struggles of being limited.   Contentment is wrapped up in thanksgiving tied as a living gift.  What we have in this life will never be enough.  The beauty is that Jesus directs our hearts towards what we have in Him, and toward contentment in the imperfect.  My boys leave a mess behind them as they go, but nothing brings me more joy that doing life with them, watching them grow and learn. He knows we are the same---the mistakes we make, the things we try to learn---yet we are ever reaching for Him in dependence, and this brings His heart great joy.  He doesn't expect us to be perfect. 

 Jesus made a way for us to experience eternity.  We will be able to do those things that we long to with no limits.  We will be with Him, and He will be our joy.  God with us, Emmanuel.  In sorrow, in joy.  In comfort, in sadness.  In hope, in discouragement.  In sickness and health.  He entered this world and became a man.  That is the hope of Christmas.  That is the hope of life.

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