Friday, February 28, 2014

For When the Heart Doesn't Want to Be Generous

I'm linking up today with Lisa for Five-Minute Friday.  Come join this community for five minutes of writing with no editing! ;)
I John 3:18-"Little children, let us not love in word and talk, but in deed and truth."

It's quiet in the still and I roll over trying to rest my eyes and calm my tense neck muscles.  The pounding continues.  
My husband stirs, turns, and looks at me.
"What do you think of having our friend over today?"  
I look at him like he's crazy.  
"Honey, I have a sinus headache this morning and I'm not feeling great."
From the other room, I hear our son start to stir.
"Mommmmy!! Mommy! Help!"
I stand up, slip my fuzzy Cabela's house shoes on, get on my warm robe (because the house is frigid), and go scoop up our son and bring him back to our bed.
He squirms beneath our covers as we make him a tent, and snuggle with him.  
I look back at my husband and say, "Yes, we should invite our friend over today."
I'd gone through the week schedule mentally, and today would be a good day.
We get up, make breakfast, and start our day.  

I could have said no.  I could have chosen to say no.  Sometimes the heart doesn't want to be bothered; but for all the wrong reasons.  When it is in my power to do good to another brother, do I choose to do so?  It isn't always convenient to serve; but it is always right to love.  This choice is a direct act of the will on days when I don't feel like loving or doing but instead making up excuses of why it isn't convenient for me.  But when?  When will convenient, or organized come to my house?  Will I let my mountain of laundry become my excuse?  Will I ever be less busy?  

He comes, we share, we eat and we are blessed.  Not because my house was perfect, or my day convenient but because we chose to love in the everyday.  It's good to have a heart check like this.  (And for the record, after an hour the headache went away.) I'm glad I said yes.  I'm glad I chose to say yes.

How do you chose to serve when you don't feel like it?  What helps you get the motivation to love others when it is not convenient?  


  1. Oh man! Isn't this the truth! Choosing to say yes can hurt sometimes but we usually end up better for it. I was just in a repenting mood for not saying yes for something and now I am on a road to better.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    This is good. Great, in fact. Serving others is often inconvenient. I'm reminded of Abraham's Sarah, who, in the heat of a desert afternoon, had to rustle up dinner when three strangers showed up unexpectedly. I'm positive she was thankful, as you were, to offer hospitality! Who knows? Maybe you were entertaining an angel, too. :)

  3. "It isn't always convenient to serve; but it is always right to love." AMEN! So thankful I stopped by from the Five Minute Friday!

  4. Your "no" is an echo of mine ~ then, the realization; the appreciation is experienced & I joyfully say "yes"! Here is to choosing to allow God's Light to shine forth!

  5. I think you said it so well...while it's not always convenient to serve, but it's always right to love. To look at a person and ask, "How can I best love them?" Sometimes it's through a surprise coffee and a note of encouragement. For others, just offering a listening ear. Or giving my time to help out. Love is meeting a need where they are...not where I am. Working on that one. I've been thinking of you often...hugs to you, friend! :)


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