Friday, February 21, 2014

Being Real in the Small

I'm joining up with Lisa Jo today for  Five Minute Friday.  If you want to join in...write five minutes without editing or backtracking. ;)

I've never been small (I'm 5 foot 8 1/2 inches), but I've always wished to blend in.  Sometimes into a surrounding corner, other times to become the flowery part of the wall paper.  One can imagine, then, my own surprise and frustration when I lived in a country where I'm nearly a foot taller than many of the women (but not all), about the same size as the men, and if that weren't all, my tawny brown hair and sky blue eyes set me apart from the locals.  If one wasn't careful, it was easy to develop an almost Ingrid Bergman attitude about being set aside for beauty when asked by several of the locals if one would star in a television ad as a model, or do a promotional for the school.  But I know better.  

Just because I can be chosen from a crowd of many because of my pronounced differences doesn't make me special.  I know enough to know that the smallest kindnesses are what really show what a person is.  That outside stuff---is just that.  In fact, some of the most beautiful people do extraordinary's not what they look like, it's WHO THEY ARE.

They do things like...
Wipe noses.
Champion noble causes.
Give up their seat on the bus for the elderly.
Change the toddlers clothes for the second time during the day while running late.  (Don't you wish toddlers could whisk into a different outfit in a Superman phone booth?)
Spend time caring for others while they are flat on their back hoping their bodies will heal.
Ask about the real life, the hard things, the struggles and don't shrink back after you've told them the truth.
Bring a meal.
Take courage to take small steps to change in the midst of great pain.  

It doesn't take a cape to be a superhero, it just takes time, love, and a good dose of being real in the small, the mundane.

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  1. Love your words here. It really doesn't have anything to do with how we look but instead on how we love others. Thanks for sharing.


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