Friday, September 27, 2013

Better to be True

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."-Dr. Suess

Today I'm linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday where we write for five minutes without edits or's topic...TRUE.

It's there in the liquid sanity I drink before 7:45 am in the morning, the truth. One wouldn't guess that I've been a professional these days.  It seems the only thing I am getting professional at is the multiple changes of diapers and the routine that helps our days function.  I exchanged the heels for a pair of comfy Crocs flats (that don't look like Crocs, by the way).  In the morning I throw the eggs and sausage on, and we eat well, all of us.  Our day looks better this way, our day feels better this way, our day is better this way with food around the table to start.

It's there when I calm a tantrum by playing the "I love you" game.  "I love you more than all the airplanes," I say and he buzzes his lips like a flying contraption.  This grace, this daily grace, this true grace.  He gives it to me at night when he puckers for a kiss and snuggles up on his mattress with his thumb in his mouth.  He doesn't know.  He doesn't know how hard this is for me, how good this is for me, this learning to be a Mama.

It's there in the honest confessions to others of genuine need.  The you, the true you, the you that doesn't hide under the sheets, or quake from honesty, the you who contemplates and protects and trusts and every day struggles to think on things that are true.  The you who thinks you are no good at something, so has to be reminded every so often that yes, you can, yes, you are.  Yes, you are not perfect.  But that's okay.  It's better to be true.


  1. "Yes, you are not perfect. But that's okay. It's better to be true." So agree, Lisa! Beautiful. Enjoy this precious mama time.

  2. Oh Lisa. Your words of truth here are pure beauty and a drink of cool water. You are spot on, a woman after my own heart - the honest confessions of genuine need, the not hiding but being known, the wrestling each day to think on true things . Glad you visited my place and shared your thoughtful words. Grateful to have visited yours...

  3. "Yes, you are not perfect. But that's okay. It's better to be true." - I LOVE THIS! My mom would always encourage me to continue to be myself when I had a tough day at school, and I think it made me a stronger and better person. Wonderful advice for your children!

    PS: Crocs are the best... even if they are super ugly. I unashamedly wear mine all summer!

  4. Love, love this friend. Being a mama is soooo very hard some days, and yet those end-of-the-day kisses and cuddles? Absolutely the best. And I can tell, just from your words and your heart spilled here, that you are a wonderful mommy to this sweet one. Beautiful words today, friend. Blessings and a happy week to you! :)


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