Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Furniture Shuffle

I know we need to do a total shuffle upstairs and it has me wondering where in the world to even start.  So yesterday, I started small by sorting clothes that Toddles has outgrown.  Today I went through some of my own clothes to see what I could give away.  I'm this way with projects; when they seem too mountainous I don't even want to try.  Once things get a certain way I'd much rather have it stay that way then change. And by total shuffle, what do I mean?

Toddles room was painted lavender before he came along.  Between his crib, his dresser, another hand-me-down dresser, a double bed and a bookcase, there isn't much floor space in his room.  I never decorated it for him as a nursery, partly because I had a very difficult time with culture shock and finding where I fit in community the year I had him.  I try not to think about it too long, because it was a very difficult year even though I was thrilled he would join us.    That said, his lavender room either needed a color scheme that made the walls seem a little less girly, or a switch.  I have already painted that room twice, and I'm not about to do it again.  

Moving our furniture into his room, and his into ours seems (right now) to be easier.  Our room is blue and red, and he'd have more floor space. (And trust me, I've googled 'lavender nursery for boy' or some combination of that hoping to find someone that made the color work better than I could think of...only to find one or two examples.) So note to self for future:  Neutral.  Browns. Blues. Creams. Whites. Greys. These colors go with virtually anything. I will not be painting any wall lavender again anytime soon.

That said, I've been mapping out where the furniture needs to move.  It's like playing Tetris, I tell you, in a very confined area with furniture that doesn't always 'fit' because it has been given to us.  I love the pieces we have, I'm just hoping we can make things go without making the room seem cramped.  
We'll see.  I'm making progress; partly because I've learned to accept that no project is done in a day, and it's okay to take tiny steps toward change.  Sometimes beautiful isn't having everything we want, it's having what we need and making the most of it.    

What is your favorite piece of furniture you own?  Why?
Have you ever done any 'furniture makeovers'?  I'm thinking about it.

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  1. I had to smile at the lavender wall...our living room wall was a hideous shade of purple for two years before we finally painted it. (We're not talking pretty lavender here...like a color that just should not exist. Blech.) ;) Anyway, I love this...I hope things are coming together for you all. I understand the first year (and even beyond it) of culture shock...survival is what's most important, not painting the walls, though it does help, doesn't it? Hope you are doing well, friend! Blessings. :)


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