Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sometimes I Curl Up Into A Ball

Lest you think my life is always pretty like the pictures I share, here's a little real-life-dirty-in-the-mess.  Toddles and I had just sat down for our evening story.  Strangely enough, the story was called, Sometimes I Curl Up Into a Ball.  I had no sooner read the first two pages then the sound of rushing water interrupted us.  "One minute, Toddles".  (Insert more than one minute) There was lots of grabbing at levers and valves.  But no bueno.  The water would not turn off.  Mommy runs to the next room, scoops up Toddles, runs upstairs to his crib, and puts him to bed. "Toddles, Mommy loves you, time for bed goodnight," I say.  Toddles peers at me from his crib both surprised and disappointed, and lets out a wail that says, "Why are you distressed?  And what's the end to my story?"  

I climb downstairs and begin trying to salvage things from the water that is gushing from the pipe. Then I realize it.  When I'm standing in an inch of water I see the blessed cord that surely will turn off the water.  I pull, in the midst of frustration, wet legs, frazzled hair, and adrenaline.  The pump lets out a last hurrah and trickles it's last drop. I feel the adrenaline bring me close to tears. And I start.  Carpets come up, the pantry gets emptied out, the box fan gets turned on.  I get the shop vac and take up as much water as I can.  Water and I, we haven't had such a great day today.  From Toddles discovering he can throw blocks in the toilet (in front of Mommy, nonetheless) to this flood, I've cleaned up messes today from dirty diapers to dishes.  And just when I want to be finished for the night, several forced cleanings must happen.  The living room rug is trashed, and I want to turn off the lights and go to bed.  But it happened.  It's real.  And the mess is mine to clean up. 

Yep, Toddles.  Sometimes Mommy curls up into a ball.  She just hopes your in bed dreaming happy dreams of trucks, balls, and dogs when she does. 

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  1. Oh, how awful, Lisa! I'm sorry you had to deal with that! This motherhood, adulthood, it's so full of responsibilities and messes. And it's overwhelming at times, huh? I'm with you. Bad days and too many messes that leave me curled up in a ball. Our sweet littles ones, they've no idea, and that's the way it should be for now. Let them be kiddos. Let them dream and when it's time, maybe that will prepare them for the troubles they'll face. To persevere always, in hope, with faith.


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