Monday, June 10, 2013

Get In

We go, I in my faded swimsuit from five years ago, and he in his too-big-for-me hand-me-down trunks.  I'm not sure he'll remember his first time in a pool, but on these hot summer days we've got to find something to do.  The ladies mostly line the wall of the pool watching the kids splash, play, dive, and regather for a game.  Floaty boats near small children line the shallow end, and the deep end has become a place of daredevil bombs.  Sometimes, you have to get in.

I hold him hoping that the water will be warm enough that he won't freak.  After all, it is 90-some degrees outside.  He likes the feel on his toes, and with some trepidation we both enter.  One other Mom is in with her kids.  A boy talks to me about how he loves to splash.  "Most boys do, " I say, "That was a big one!" I exclaim and he grins a toothy grin with a few windows where teeth have vacated.

Baby boy relaxes a bit, and follows his duck with his hands, giggling.  He's beginning to like this moving, this being with Mama in the water.  He watches a girl with yellow swimming goggles, and she watches him.  He claps his hands, and splashes.

Someday son, someday son.  I hope you will have a proper fear (and love of) water.   I know I am not a perfect Mommy, but I want you to know how much I enjoy your delight, and sharing it with you.  That's enough to make this Mommy get up and look at life as adventure, because for you, it still is.   Sometimes you just have to get in.

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