Thursday, April 18, 2013


It's there between the changing of the clothes from the washer to dryer.  The cupboard is open, its contents thrown all over the floor by tiny hands made to explore.  Coffee drips and gurgles its way down into the glass pot, the liquid goodness flavoring the air with awake. Routine flows from one job to the next giving her stability to those who dwell in the house.  We're not always on schedule, but routine, we know this.  She's stuck between the pages of our favorite books,  joins during nap times,  hops to the chores, and knows when to gather the mail.  

We need this.  I need this.  Like knowing what comes next in a good story, routine grounds us when life gets messy.  When we need to look to do the next thing, and keep our hands occupied, she comforts like a warm blanket.  Day to day we go from this to that and we know her.  She knows us and welcomes us, putting out mat.  When we have a break from her, we can't wait for things to get back to 'normal'. We need her sometimes to just remind us to be faithful even in the small things.

What are some routines in your house?  :)

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