Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Never Far

*I've been dreaming of Asia these days.  I'm not sure why, but it's been sweet and sad all wrapped into a life-like dream from which I am sad to waken.  

I wake, the day new brightens
My eyes bleary with distant dreams
I've left my second home
My mind faraway as sun streams
Through glassy panes
Thoughts so vivid, distinct
I woke up and thought it strange
To find myself in my bed
When I thought I was buying food
In my head
In another language not my mother tongue
When I close my eyes it visits
Though I left this place will be
A part of my far off memories
And while I'm here I dream of there
And when I was there here would visit me
I'd close my eyes, and there I'd be
The incense wafts upon the wings
Of pigeons and the gentle breeze
The hot green tea warms my hands
As I meet the days demands
The cold nips my nose as I'd ride
My bicycle through alleys beside
The labyrinth of our little school
I'd meet you and we'd walk through there
We'd chat a bit, pull up a chair
The jiao zi wrapped in fresh dough
The fireworks--now, ah, what a show!
And when I wake, tears come to my eyes
I've visited this place I'd loved so well.
I've left but my heart still swells
With dreams of my distant home.

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