Thursday, March 7, 2013

Catching this Moment

We'll watch the sunrise through the window as the day begins.
I'll kiss your baby hands, my boy,
And touch your hair with love.
I'll sing you songs before bedtime,
And make up silly rhymes.
I'll hold your hands so you can walk,
Tottering across the tile floor,
Imaginary hills and valleys greet us,
Before we make it to the front door.
We'll dance across our living room,
Jumping up and down.
You won't remember these days, sweet boy,
But your Mommy will.
You are only little once.
I hold you on the windowsill,
Your face bright with fading light.
You'll discover the world out there soon my son,
But for today, I'll love you, hold you,
And kiss you goodnight.

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