Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Feet

Nearly two feet of glimmering flakes of shivering cold floated and blew on us in about a week.  That seems to be just a little really, except for the fact that it has not snowed or rained in quite some time.  This county is the middle of a drought.  We'll take the snow, thank you.  Then the power went out all night and part of today.  (Thank goodness for generators!) And then this morning the phone lines/internet was out.  (Thank goodness for a cell phone!)

We tromp down the road to check drift levels to find that we are blocked off from the road by 3 foot drifts on both sides of our driveway.  No four wheel drive.  No tractor.  No plow.  The road has been eerily quiet today except for the noise of the crunching of our feet.  The mailman even looks like he saw the drift and turned around.  So for today, we are the little house on the prairie that is disconnected from the world.  We'll enjoy the blessing of this blanket of white!


  1. There is something so beautiful about this scene that you described...it sounds wonderful to be stuck at home, snuggling under a blanket...and just being. Aaaahhh... Well, we're digging out from a tiny six inches, and the plows did their job so well that hubby had a clear commute this morning. So we'll just pretend along with you! Have a wonderful day and stay warm! :)

  2. It is wonderful until you need out...and have to call the plow and let them know your east/west road is inaccessible. (Rural roads don't get much attention...) The poor mailman turned around two days in a row! I'll be looking for the mail tomorrow!


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