Thursday, February 7, 2013

That Which is Not Our Own

We watch over, and care for, that which is not our own.  

"I'm so sorry this is happening to you guys," we hear his voice on the other end of the call.  
"There is nothing we can do," Hubby looks at me and says.  We go to bed and can't sleep because of the late night call. We were abroad, and someone caught a burglar in our home.  Small miracle that they caught him, but he left a big mess of clothes strewn across the bedroom, and empty drawers.  We weren't there to watch our home, or care for it.  Someone, someone had to help us, to do things for us in our place.  "Those things, they were given to us but ultimately aren't ours," Hubby reminds me. "They are gifts," he says.   He lives this, I have watched him live this. 

As a girl, on Sunday we'd dress up and pile into the car.  We'd fight over who got the side seats because no one liked to sit in the middle.  There was less leg room and a bit of a hump where you had to cram your feet up.  This was part of being faithful.  We'd do the same thing every week.  We'd go through the same actions.  We'd learn repetition.  We'd sing three verses of 'Just As I Am'. We'd hope this week goes better than the last, and I'd ask dear Lord, please help me be holy.  What does that mean?  I wish I could be perfect.  There's no explanation that it could mean more than just trying to be good, and trusting in God to forgive you of your sin.  But I don't feel holy on Monday. 

Hands in gloves I shove my fists into the bubbles that glisten rainbows.  Faithfulness meant doing the routine.  Faithfulness meant that I was at church every time the doors were opened. Faithfulness meant that I would read, I would pray, I would do those works.  Faithfulness didn't encompass the dishes, the laundry, the chores, the homework.  It resided in its own little box. It is easy for me to think that anything within the four walls of the church is important, and what is done at home is not.  But it is all important.  It all matters.

"It is required in a steward that a man be found faithful..."  Where you are now, doing what you are supposed to be doing, taking care of what you need to take care of.  Each aspect of my life, from cleaning the toilet to taking care of relationships, requires that I be faithful.  Faithfulness is not restricted to a church building or a residence.  We've been given a privilege, to live, to love, in His place, in this place.  We watch over, and care for, that which is not our own.  

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