Friday, February 22, 2013

Joyful Delight

I see your chubby fingers grasp at the drain cover as you watch the water slide and gurgle tornado like down the silvery hole.  You are so amused by this.  When the water is gone you spend time just looking and patting at the drain.  You delight my heart, little one.

You watch the snow, and ride in my baby backpack without throwing your hat off.  That's right, you are a baby that likes a hat when it is cold.  Inside, Daddy shows you how to stack towers and play megaphones with your toys that aren't really megaphones.  But you don't care.  You imitate.  You look at us, and you explore.  The vacuum cleaner is a grand adventure made for you and Daddy.  The windowsill with it's lacy curtains hold peeks of the great snow outside.  My heart delights over your small discoveries.  It jumps for joy over your individuality and what you are learning.

And I am reminded:  His heart sings and dances over us.  He joys in us as His children. 

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