Tuesday, December 11, 2012


"Sometimes even to live is an act of courage." -Seneca

He comes home dejected, wondering if he'll pass those classes.  Those classes.  The ones he vowed he'd never take.  The school. The work.  "We'll get through this," I say.  Through.  There is no great leap over an obstacle, no instant solution for a problem. Often the hardest road traveled is the road through.

When on a road trip, there is endless scenery, but after awhile it all begins to look the same.  Each landscape melding itself with the next, one lonely road hinged to another.  Billboards to break up some of the monotony, quiet silence and road noise wrapping up the mind in droning thoughts like "When will this end?" and "Are we there yet?"  These thoughts are silenced.  As adults we learn to wait, and know that life isn't just a destination or a vacation.  

With child-like anticipation we await the next thing, the moment, the destination, the day.  This going through is a journey that takes courage. This isn't our home, but it is easy to live as if it is.  In the midst, dear Lord, help me be thankful for what I have.  With open hands, help me to travel through and love well. 


  1. Hi, my friend. Stopping by to catch up and say hello. :) Beautiful post...I am thinking of you and you and your family during this journey and praying that it will be a beautiful one. I can't wait to see how He rewards your faithfulness through those days that seem so hard. Be blessed today...hugs! :)


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