Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Different Creatures

"Evidently according to the radio show I heard today, most women don't feel good enough," he says.
The corners of my mouth curve.  "Do you feel like you need to be validated, because that was what the radio show was saying."  I smile with a sigh.  "No, I don't need to be validated.  But yes, what he said was generally true."

We live in a culture in which we can't keep up.
We can't be as slim. 
We can't be as athletic. 
We can't be as crafty. 
We can't get as many things done in a day.

And the problem mainly is that we can't be who we are not.  Usually the temptation is to compare ourselves with another woman who seems like she has it all together.  But we've been created to be ourselves.  Bumps, flaws, and bad hair days, we are who we were meant to be.  Growing and stretching into what we will become takes time.  But we can't be who we are not.

Awhile back, I gave away all my yarn to a friend.  She asked if I would need it back.  I told her, "No, because I won't use it.  I got it at a time when I thought I would be good at crocheting.  I've tried.  It hurts my hands.  I'm not that great, and I'd rather spend my time doing something else." This being who you are also takes admitting to yourself who and what you are not, and accepting with open hands who you are.

I tell my hubby that we women need to know we are loved the way we are.  That we are cherished (in spite of what we are and are not good at).  He looks at me and says, "I would have never thought that women go around with these kind of thoughts in their heads everyday." I smile at him, "Well, Honey, they do."

He sighs.  What different creatures women are.

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