Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tackling the Cupboards

Good grief, I'm a mess...
HELP!!! I can't get anything without an avalanche.
Hubby built me these nice shelves that pull out in our cupboards.  Since we both tend to be cheap savers, he figured we could buy the unfinished cabinets and finish them ourselves.  We used polyurethane and a pretty wood stain to make them stand out.  On the inside, however, they've become kind of a mess.  My Mom would probably tell me everything would fit better if it nests.  In practicality, I know this.  In practice, my hands can't get anything to nest well except the Rumis  game.  I rock at that game.  How come kitchen cupboards don't work like board games?

This project is two-fold:  I'd like to get some shelf protector down, and I need to organize the cupboards.  

As of this evening, we, yes WE finished this project.  I sorted stuff into order, and my ever-so-great at packing husband fit what needed to go back into the cupboard neatly.  Maybe this is how you organize a house?  Teamwork...doing what you are both good at!  On the up side, we threw away a trash bag of cupboard clutter.  Pictures to come of the new organized cupboard tomorrow.

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