Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Sweet Family

"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!" Albert Einstein

We had family pictures done in September by Jenny of Long MemoriesShe did a fantastic job of capturing us enjoying one another on our farm.  It is so precious for me to have these pictures because I am usually the one taking the pictures of my boys, thus I don't have very many with all three of us in them except the ones I have from the day Itty-bitty was born.  
Itty-bitty was quiet and pretty somber.  He vacillates between really happy and really mellow.
Mr. B cracking lots of jokes.

Trying to get El revved up for a smile.

Or a half-smile will do....

Mr. B being clever about something....

Heads up!  (Notice my boots...who'd have ever thought I'd have a pair of cowboy work boots?!!? Not me.  City girl, meet country.)

I love the intensity in their eyes.

Love me some KS sunflowers....and some snuggles.
Have you loved on your family today (and not just in the pictures)?  Give a hug, a smile, a kiss.  Make a meal, clean (yipes) those places that you've procrastinated to clean, say a kind word, send a note, surprise them with something special. 

I remind myself that these moments will pass. 

And that reminds me of this song two of my good friends (Kim and Alisa) and I used to listen to.  "This Day" by Point of Grace.

When I look back at this picture of Point of Grace, I think to, look at those pants and hairdos.  :)  Kinda dates me a little...

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  1. Love these pictures...what a beautiful family!

    And don't feel too dated...I'm right there with you with the Point of Grace thing. Loved them...still do...pretty sure I can still sing every one of their songs, too. I even sang This Day with three of my friends at my wedding. What a fun look back. :)


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