Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The Mister and the Wee One
We've been going through the process of getting teeth here at our house (the Baby, not my hubby or I).  We've had our share of sleepless nights for a few days, and I've discovered a few things about sleep.  Well, I kind of already knew it.  I love sleep.  I mean, sleep and I get along REALLY well when I get some.  And when she's gone, I'm learning how to function, and trying not to clench my jaw when I think about things.  Sleep and exercise usually help.

This evening the house is strangely quiet as my tiny one went to bed without crying.  He's as tired as we are after the last three days of teething.  He wanted to fuss and be comforted.  He wanted to snuggle his little drooly face next to my shoulder and lay his head down.   And I think of the rest that really refreshes.  The comfort of knowing you are safe and cared for, and being able to rest even in the mess of life.  This rest, it refreshes. 

So sleep sound, little one.  You are safe and loved, not just tonight, but always.

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  1. Love this. :) It brings back sweet (and sleepless!) memories. And reminds me that I'm kind of entering that phase again as my two year old has decided she's done napping AND that she's a night owl...oh, boy! Crazy girl...she needs to realize what a wonderful thing sleep actually is!

    Hope you are doing well today. Blessings. :)


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