Thursday, August 16, 2012

When Considering Cloth Diapers

So maybe you haven't taken the plunge yet. Your baby is on the way, or has already arrived. You don't know, honestly, if you want to use cloth diapers. Here are some things you should think about...

-Do you have city water? Calculate what one extra load of laundry a day may cost you.
-Do you like to do laundry everyday or will you get tired of the extra chore? Some people tire of this quickly.
-Is your husband on board with the idea?
-Do you have money to try a few different cloth diapers? I say this because not everyone likes the same brand. What you like, you will continue to use. What you don't like, you won't use.
-Do you have the money to make the one-time investment in the diapers? Over 2 years, disposables cost about $1,600. Cloth diapers will have the initial investment of $300 if you use diapers that change size with the child.
-Do you have the time to cloth diaper? (Are you a stay at home Mom, or a Mom that has to work?)
Moms who stay home may (or may not) have time and energy on their hands depending on the size of their brood. Moms who work full time outside and inside the home will generally have less time and energy, and thus disposables make a bit more sense to use. 
-Do you have time, or do you have money?
-Do you want to cloth diaper part-time, and use 'sposies some of the time?

Some other thoughts:
-Baby poop comes out in the wash until the baby begins to eat solids.  Then you are going to need to either buy liners to catch the poop so you can flush it (and the liner) down the toilet, or you will need to get a diaper sprayer.
-You don't need to soak some of the brands of cloth diapers.  This increases their 'stink'.  With pocket diapers, you separate the insert from the diaper, and throw in a pail until you are ready to wash.  But you must wash within a day or two.

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