Saturday, August 11, 2012


Emergen-C has become on of my favorite products. When I was pregnant with my son, the lady who gave us birth classes told me about the Brewer's diet (which saved me from swelling for almost the entire pregnancy), and Emergen-C. Because of the Brewer's diet, I was able to both eat healthy and feel confident that baby was getting what he needed. I also didn't get the weird drops in blood sugar that made me sick for the first 14-15 weeks of the pregnancy. So what can I tell you about Emergen-C?

If you are getting a cold, it is a great pick me up. If you feel fine but need a little extra energy, it does the job. If your blood sugar is dropping, and you are starting to feel famished, it helps pick the blood sugar up. At 25 calories per packet, it is better than drinking juice or pop. It's got vitamin B and 1,000 mg of vitamin C in each serving. After giving birth to my son, I wanted a glass of apple juice, a drink of water, and some Emergen-C. I had packed some in my bag, but you can imagine my delight when our sweet nurse pulled an Emergen-C right out of her scrubs pocket for me. Bless her!

In my opinion, vitamin C never tasted so good. You can register at their website for a few free packets.

I was not paid or given anything by Emergen-C to write this. This is simply my opinion about one of my favorite products.


  1. Oh that stuff is a college life saver. When ever I find it on sale I stock up:)

  2. Oh, boy! Isn't it great... aside from that hefty price tag!

  3. Val, I try to stock up when it's on sale...and I guess I compare it to the price of soda or juice. ;)


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