Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cloth Diapering

I am new to the world of cloth diapering, but not to diapering.  (I've probably changed more diapers than most seeing as I worked daycare for four years.)  But I've discovered by far that I prefer cloth diapering.  Here are some reasons why:

1) I keep my cloth diapers in a pail.  They get washed daily.   Result: Our house doesn't smell like a dirty baby diaper.  
2) I use a solution (made by yours truly) to use cloth wipes with my baby.  This way I can throw the wipe and the diaper in the wash together. I use less wipes this way. It takes two or three of the store bought wipes to do what one washcloth and the cleaning solution can do.  As an added benefit, I am not wiping my sweeties rear with chemicals. 
3)  My baby hasn't had problems with diaper rash and I haven't needed to buy creams.  When my baby does get a little red, I've found that I put a little coconut oil on his bum for a day and it clears up.  (You can't use the creams with cloth diapers unless you have a barrier. )
4)  The cloth diapers I use are Daddy-friendly.  (Fuzzibunz)
5)  I had more trouble with leaks with the disposable diapers than with the cloth diapers.  I double up inserts at night. 
6) The savings.  I've already paid for my stash of small diapers what I would have paid for disposables.  The small diapers still fit, and will for several more weeks.  The cloth diapers can be resold, or used on a second child.
7) We live in the country.  We have our own well.  The extra load of laundry does not hurt our water bill.  
8) Cloth diapers save me from having to buy diapers when I am in town grocery shopping.

I do use disposables and commercial wipes sometimes, but not very often.   I bought my cloth diapers as seconds here:  Fuzzibunz
I am not saying that if you should choose to cloth diaper because I do.  I'm simply saying this fits our lifestyle well.  You have to do what works for you as a parent.
I was not paid by anyone to write this.  Currently, my cloth diapers are one of 'my favorite things'!

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