Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alima Pure

A few years ago, I set out to change the makeup I wore.  (Honestly, I looked into this company in 2008 and ordered some samples.)  I seldom wear makeup because I don't like to look like I wear makeup, and my face likes to break out (usually) the moment makeup touches it.  While I was pregnant I couldn't wear makeup at all. I tried twice and it took a whole week both times to get over the pimple patch I got from it.

So I purposed to actually get a makeup I liked and could wear after I gave birth, and had the time and energy to put it on.  My main goal was to find something that looked natural, and that was good for your skin.  I ordered makeup from Alima Pure once again.  I was not disappointed.  (I don't break out after wearing Alima Pure.)  Not only was the mineral foundation a good match for my face, I liked that I knew exactly what was in the stuff.  The samples they sent were amazing.  

What I like best about Alima Pure is that a little bit of this stuff goes a LONG way.  I can put it on in the morning, and in the evening it still looks as good as it did in the morning.  The eyeshadows?  Well, I must say the luminous eyeshadow they have can't be beat!  It doesn't fade...and looks like maybe you are wearing eyeshadow....and maybe you are not.  This is my kind of makeup.  At $1.50 for a sample that lasts almost a month (if it is eyeshadow) it is a good way to try new things, and find a favorite!

I paid a little bit more than I would to get my mineral makeup from the grocery store or Wal-mart, but these little pots are going to last longer because I don't have to use very much of them for good coverage.  I asked my hubby what he thought of it, or if he could tell a difference.  (He usually is not a fan of makeup.)  Well, he liked it...especially the eyeshadow! 

I was not paid nor given anything to write this from Alima Pure. These are simply my observations, and I honestly love their product.  The company itself is small and tries to get info out about itself via word of mouth.

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