Tuesday, May 22, 2012

As Yourself

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”~William Shakespeare in Hamlet

It isn't the length of the skirt you wear. God doesn't care if the skirt goes below your knees, or if you wear pants.
It isn't your hair length, your makeup, or how well you obey rules.  God doesn't care if your hair is long or short.  He doesn't care how much makeup you wear (or don't wear).  Nor does it matter if you can follow a list of man-made rules.
It isn't your music.  You can listen to all the 'right' tunes.  The ones the others declare as acceptable, and yet your heart still can maintain distance.
It isn't the outward forms of being a Christian that make you a Christian.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" has nothing to do with clothing.
"Love your neighbor as yourself" has nothing to do with hair length, makeup, or obeying "the rules" made by man.
"Love your neighbor as yourself" is not related to what you do (or don't) listen to.
"Love your neighbor as yourself" should be something we do to evidence our love for God.  It is the outward demonstration of inward love for God.

Anyone can follow a dress code.
They can cut their hair, do their makeup, and conform to the rules.
They can change the music they listen to, or hide who they really are on the inside from others.
But the truth of the matter will be found in how they love their neighbors.
The husband.  The wife. The family.  The children.  The person next door.
'Neighbors' are closer than we sometimes realize. 
The love we have for God is evidenced in our love for others.

Who is your neighbor?  What have you done to actively show them love today?

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  1. So true, my dear. So true! Sometimes I wonder if many of us Christian people, if we lived during the time that Jesus walked the earth, would stand with the Pharisees agast and aggitated at the "untouchable" people who Jesus ministered to. Sadly, there are many the pharisaical, hypocrital churches throughout the world that may preach the gospel and look pretty spiffy on Sunday, but whose hearts are not "in" following the path of Jesus. Shucks, I could probably count myself among the people that would rather make quick judgement calls, and stand piously assessing a person's situation in life. It takes a conscientious effort to step outside the box that looks so pretty on Sunday and be Jesus to the world around us.

    As for my house... WE WILL SERVE THE LORD! We want to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in the people that we come in contact with. Our neighbors... our postal workers... the elderly widower across the street... the grumpy waitress that serves our family dinner. The easy to love AND the not so easy to love (that's the hard part!) Bethany took a huge step of faith this Christmas. Every year we deliver cookies to most homes in our neighborhood, usually with a card. This year, she said, "Mom, Christmas is all about Jesus! People need to know that Jesus loves them." So what did she do? She wrote John 3:16 like 25 times so that every cookie package would have a note. I think there was something to that "faith as a little child", don't you?


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