Thursday, May 10, 2012


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle."~Albert Einstein

Somewhere between the feedings, the dirty diapers, naps, and tears there is sheer exhaustion. This is no task for wimps. Mommies, please tell that new mother that she will make it. She will someday get a little more sleep. Her baby won't be little for long. Even in the aches of pains of healing, help her remember that women have done this before. They've survived; they've not only survived they've thrived by living. They've lived by choosing to enjoy the moments even when it would be easier to imagine a day... when the baby no longer needs night feedings...when the baby is out of diapers...when their tired eyes actually have some rest. Because the baby won't be little for long. His tiny hands will become toddler hands. He will mature, but don't wish his littleness away now. Let him be little.

Have you enjoyed the moments you've had today, or have you in your busyness been wishing them away?


  1. Each stage brings it's own joys and trials. Enjoy the one where you are at, knowing that each stage draws you to a new awareness that your children are not your own... they are His. And along with that comes the understanding that you have been hand picked and selected, honored even, to be their mom.

    And yes... I've enjoyed the moments that I've had today because my little baby is now eight and looks more like a young lady each and every day. And here I am wishing for those days when I could scoop her up in my arms and rock-a-bye just because! I remember those sleepless nights, watching late night television just so I would stand a chance of not falling asleep in the rocking chair. I remember frantically throwing the mile-high pile of laundry in the washing machine because my infant had soiled every single thing in the dresser. I remember the baby bathtimes, lullabies, and longing for a few minutes just so that I could jump in the shower. Time flies so very quickly. And someday soon, you too will be longing for these days that you wish would pass. All mothers have been there. So let that little man of yours be little.

  2. Hi Lisa! You will get more sleep and feel rested once again. Hang in their and continue to enjoy, for yes, as you reflected it does go by quickly. :) Love and prayers to you. Great to have reconnected with your new blog.
    Alisa F.

  3. It's hard to enjoy sleep deprivation. :( You really will miss the sweet, cuddly, baby doesn't do much stage. :) It's when they start doing things that it gets hard. :) I so miss the days of napping on the couch with my boys snuggled on my chest. So yes, enjoy each day as much as you can.

  4. Life is different when you go from you to you and baby. You can no longer just do what you want to or sleep when you want to.

    You can no longer just go... you have to prepare to go - feed baby, pack diaper bag, plan the outing - and then finally go... maybe... if you decide you have the energy to do so.

    Sleep is deprived. Your body is physically tired. Your mind feels foggy. Your emotions are spent.

    BUT... the nurturing love you feel is something you weren't even sure was there until you held you baby for the first time. That love is what will carry you through the days of exhaustion. That love is a gift.

    Each day of a child's life is a blessing. Each day you have to love that child and care for their every need is a gift.

    Not only will your baby grow and develop and be able to live more moments independent of you (while you get stuff done), but YOU will grow and learn and settle into your mothering role with more confidence.

    I gave birth to my first almost 22 years ago. I look at him now remembering those first days of mothering with only fondness (even though they were exhausting and overwhelming).

    Just as you can put aside the pains of labor (yet it took those pains to deliver that amazing love into your life), you will look at the pains of early mothering someday with only joy and gratefulness.

    God is using that little one to strengthen you. He is teaching you another level of sacrifice. More importantly, he is allowing you to marvel at the beauty of love in a new form. The form of your own child.

    Congratulations! Allow yourself to stop, sit, cuddle, and truly enjoy this special time in your life.



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