Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not Good Enough

"The world is full of people looking for spectacular happiness while they snub contentment."
Doug Larson

The phenomenon of Facebook and Pinterest means people now have more access to ideas and information than they ever have. You can see what Suzie is making for dinner, what Jillian wants to do with her large laundry room, what Joy made for her family, and how Elizabeth does her hair. But am I the only one who can't keep up the 'Jones'?

I don't have a designer house. I don't have a baby nursery. I don't craft things every day. My original ideas aren't broadcast from a rooftop for the world to see. And yet, plastered on Facebook and Pinterest I see pictures and statuses of other people's houses, of nurseries, of plants, of clothes. And I feel, well, somewhat inadequate. I'm not saying that these 'ideas' are wrong, what I am saying is that it is easy for your average person begins to feel like they can't keep up and everyone else lives a 'perfect' life.

But what if 'perfect' looks more like laundry piles, and unorganized cupboards? What if 'normal' is dishes in the sink and a little dust to be dusted off the mantel? Why must people feel like they can do better, or have the 'bigger and better'? Does anyone ever 'downsize' their life? Or is the push to live in or have the bigger and better whether that's a car, a house, a boat, more toys? And where is contentment in all of this?

I don't have all the answers. I only know the answers that pertain to me. Bigger isn't necessarily better, it is more to take care of. Chores are a part of life. I have trouble doing both chores and keeping things orderly. I can organize, but it is hard to keep things organized. So in my case, less is more. It's when I look at what others have and how beautiful it seems that I forget the outside isn't always what the inside is. Who knows if they have some secret closet they stash their junk in before company comes over? Are they like me, toting piles of laundry upstairs from the living room so that we can sit in peace with company?

When discontentment whispers 'you aren't good enough' or 'you should be doing better than this', can I answer it 'the best I can is good enough'? Do I trust the sufficiency of a God who has promised to supply all my needs and the goodness of a Father who gives grace, or have I jumped on the bandwagon hoping that the 'things' will bring me happiness and fulfillment? It isn't the house you live in, it's who you are in that house and to the people around you. And suddenly the 'not good enough' is replaced with 'good enough for me!'


  1. Does this mean that you don't want me to post pictures of my garden?!? Right now, several of our plants have been squished by overzealous gardeners, but I'm sure that they'll look stellar in 3-4 months... maybe! ;)

  2. Lisa, I love your writing style and find your blog a delight to visit. Thank you!

  3. Thanks, Bethanne. And Val, you can post pics of your garden. After all, it is a bit of a miracle that it actually grows there in the Sonoran desert. Just saying that mine isn't gonna look like yours...and I'm fine and content with that. ;)

  4. Loved this. It was good to be reminded right now about contentment and thankfulness and NOT needing more. ~Karis


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