Monday, April 23, 2012

The Poor

It is good to be reminded that people do not live the same way the world over.  One block or mile away, people may live in what is considered poverty.   However, it is good to remember what poverty is and is not.  Some people are poor by choice.  The choices they make greatly influence their character and who they become.  But there are others who would not choose to be poor, but are nonetheless, trenched in poverty.  It is a cycle they would escape if they could escape.  It is these, the quiet, undemanding poor that often get trapped in lifestyles and ways of life that bring them into a vicious cycle of bondage.  The poor we will always have with us.  Let us remember, we who are rich in so many ways, and have compassion on those who are truly in need.  By living within our means, may we have discernment to give to those who really need. 

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