Thursday, March 29, 2012


Baby, as you've grown within me,
I've been scared for my life and yours.
I've had hope that no matter what comes, it will be what we need, what God wants for us.
I've had trust that you will be what He wants you to be.

My fear has given way to hope.
My hope has laid claim on trust.
I can rest knowing that you will grow that you are not mine.
You are a miracle that doesn't belong to me.

My life has brought you life, but He has sustained you.
He has taken care of what I cannot.
He has held you in a place for more than 9 months.
A dark place. A scarred place.

What was once an empty place, He filled with a miracle.
Where there was sorrow, He has brought joy.
We feel you kick and hit, and we wonder who you will become.
Your life, intertwined with mine, reliant on me.

My life, intertwined with God's, reliant on Him.
Little miracle, tiny inside me, shaped and formed with a purpose,
You are a miracle that doesn't belong to me.
I have carried you, but you were never mine.

You are His.
You are ours to take care of for a few years if He wills.
We were a family before you came,
But we welcome you with open arms and hearts, little one.

You are His. You are a miracle.

LLB March 2012

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