Sunday, December 13, 2015


Edges of possibility. Boundaries.  Lines.  Call it what you'd like to call it.

"The problem I think you are having," I said after thinking about it for about a week, "is limits."
I began to explain what had become clear to me after some thinking.  "It is what we all feel at one time or another.   We want to have more time.  We want to have more money.  We want to have more to give.  We want to have nice things.  We want a clean bill of health with no problems. But somewhere in this great abyss of wanting, there is a realization that there has to be some limit to it."  Even the super rich end up bouncing off the edge of possibility in one way or another looking for a higher high and something more.

In this world we want to be able to have a full experience. However, we are limited by time, by money, by jobs, by health, and by resources.  We are constantly having to choose which way that we will invest in the future, but the present and the choices we make today in some way limits the future. Really, we are longing for an eternity with no limits on time, money, work, health or possessions.  We are looking for something beyond ourselves, beyond what this life can offer.

When He entered the world, He became limited.  He, the God of the universe became a man. He experienced the everyday struggles of being limited.   Contentment is wrapped up in thanksgiving tied as a living gift.  What we have in this life will never be enough.  The beauty is that Jesus directs our hearts towards what we have in Him, and toward contentment in the imperfect.  My boys leave a mess behind them as they go, but nothing brings me more joy that doing life with them, watching them grow and learn. He knows we are the same---the mistakes we make, the things we try to learn---yet we are ever reaching for Him in dependence, and this brings His heart great joy.  He doesn't expect us to be perfect. 

 Jesus made a way for us to experience eternity.  We will be able to do those things that we long to with no limits.  We will be with Him, and He will be our joy.  God with us, Emmanuel.  In sorrow, in joy.  In comfort, in sadness.  In hope, in discouragement.  In sickness and health.  He entered this world and became a man.  That is the hope of Christmas.  That is the hope of life.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Balance

Whenever I blog, there are two main thoughts I have after I have hit publish, or before I delete the entire work.  One, have I over shared?  Am I at risk of putting myself way too much out there?  Does it seem like I'm too into myself and my life? And two, is this my story to share and is now the time to share it?  Can I do justice to this story, or is it best left buried?  Is it lost treasure there in the ground, or is it just really a pile of garbage that needs to be buried and disintegrate back into dirt?

Maybe this doesn't resonate with you.  That's fine.  Anne Lamott so aptly describes this whole battle of the worth of one's writing---is it something worth keeping, what will people say, should I even share, don't tear me apart in the sharing....anyone who has written knows that a writer usually has some sort of feelings attached to their work.  In other words, it takes a special friend to share the writing with.  Not everyone will be able to give feedback that the writer can take, process, and become better from.  One night I will write something that moves me to tears, and the next day, show it to someone else who does not see what I see.  It is like letting a deer run in the forest during hunting season hoping that the hunters don't shoot.  

This is one of the reasons I haven't written here so long.  I haven't known what to write.  And when I have known what I've wanted to write, I've felt the timing hasn't been right, or the story hasn't been mine to share.    Some of it may be better left for now.

There are situations we walk through in life that make us change.  The vulnerability we feel during these times can only be shared with some people.  It makes us human, yes, but at the same time, it makes one feel completely and utterly exposed.  Brene Brown talks about this in her book, Daring Greatly.  When she went on stage to share that TED talk, she almost wanted to talk herself out of it because she felt 'naked' (her own words) before so many people.

I will say this---in the last two years, I've run the gamut of sadness, anger, tiredness.  Of pain and release.  Forgiveness.  But I haven't known how to blog about the real as I've walked through it because I've been busy just trying to survive.   I'd like to say that I've come out of that season, that it is done with.  But the honest truth is I'm not sure I'll heal from that season.  If Jesus still bears in His body the scars, can I not be expected to also have some scars?  I want the healing.  I want it now, and for it not to hurt anymore.  Pulling against that is the balance, the strength of His love for me and that I am held.  

He's still writing my story.  That's the balance.   He can be trusted with the segments that I'd rather rewrite to come out more nicely.  He can deal with my messy.  He loves me.  That is enough.

Are you walking through a hard patch, friend, where words go silent?
Take heart.  He loves you.  He can deal with your messy, too.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Long Expected (In Celebration of Advent)

Come. As the mother great with child waits the nine months, she whispers or groans or yells in her last few moments before she becomes a mother. Come, baby who I've been waiting for who I have been expecting. Come, child that has inhabited my womb and expanded my heart. I'm waiting for you. Nine months is a long time to wait when you can't keep down any food. Nine months is an eternity when your back hurts and your hips ache. Nine months is a long time to wait to meet a little person who is part of you but who is uniquely themselves. Come.

Sweet baby, we look over you and we think of what you will face in your lifetime. We think about how you must grow to stand tall, learn to be a man, and face a world that is unkind to innocence, that in a blink would rip your innocence away. We will protect you lovingly, and teach you along the way. We want to see you grow up and watch you mature.

Come. The world has been waiting for thousands of years, we groan in our waiting that is yet to be realized. Come, Deliverer who has been promised and foretold. Come, Savior who we have heard of and believed in though we haven't yet seen. We're waiting for you. Years of waiting seems like an eternity when creation groans under the weight of sin. A thousand years is a long time to wait for a Savior who is God, a Savior who Has a rescue plan for us. Come.

Sweet baby Jesus. You came, you knew what you would see in your life. You knew you would face a world unkind and unloving. You entered and dined with people who were sinners without expecting them to change. You loved. You grew to be a man, and then gave up your life willingly in the greatest rescue plan ever. Come, long expected Jesus. You were born to set us free, and to bring us back into relationship with yourself.

Come and teach me of Your love.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Silent Song

"I can't sing that song without crying,"he says.
"Really?  Which part," she asks as she tries to remember.
"The part that says,  
While I draw this fleeting breath,
When mine eyes shall close in death,
When I fly to worlds unknown,
See Thee on Thy judgment throne,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee,
he answers.
She draws a breath and asks, "Why?"
"Lung cancer, fleeting breath, flying, too many memories of our friend yet still too fresh."

 There is something about true friendship, the kind that kindles the faith, asks the hard questions, and still trusts a God who cares in the midst of sorrow. We live, and love people who like ourselves are mortal.  And yet, the left behind here on the earth cannot but miss those who go, who fly before us.  Oh hide us, Rock, hide us.  In You we find our eternal hope.  

So he stands quiet while silent tears fill his eyes.

After the Flames

From this fire
Left from the embers that glow within
You blow and kindle crimson flame
That eats the wood with ravenous hunger
And leaves grey ashes and blackened logs that crumble 
After the flames go up

2014 LLB

Friday, February 28, 2014

For When the Heart Doesn't Want to Be Generous

I'm linking up today with Lisa for Five-Minute Friday.  Come join this community for five minutes of writing with no editing! ;)
I John 3:18-"Little children, let us not love in word and talk, but in deed and truth."

It's quiet in the still and I roll over trying to rest my eyes and calm my tense neck muscles.  The pounding continues.  
My husband stirs, turns, and looks at me.
"What do you think of having our friend over today?"  
I look at him like he's crazy.  
"Honey, I have a sinus headache this morning and I'm not feeling great."
From the other room, I hear our son start to stir.
"Mommmmy!! Mommy! Help!"
I stand up, slip my fuzzy Cabela's house shoes on, get on my warm robe (because the house is frigid), and go scoop up our son and bring him back to our bed.
He squirms beneath our covers as we make him a tent, and snuggle with him.  
I look back at my husband and say, "Yes, we should invite our friend over today."
I'd gone through the week schedule mentally, and today would be a good day.
We get up, make breakfast, and start our day.  

I could have said no.  I could have chosen to say no.  Sometimes the heart doesn't want to be bothered; but for all the wrong reasons.  When it is in my power to do good to another brother, do I choose to do so?  It isn't always convenient to serve; but it is always right to love.  This choice is a direct act of the will on days when I don't feel like loving or doing but instead making up excuses of why it isn't convenient for me.  But when?  When will convenient, or organized come to my house?  Will I let my mountain of laundry become my excuse?  Will I ever be less busy?  

He comes, we share, we eat and we are blessed.  Not because my house was perfect, or my day convenient but because we chose to love in the everyday.  It's good to have a heart check like this.  (And for the record, after an hour the headache went away.) I'm glad I said yes.  I'm glad I chose to say yes.

How do you chose to serve when you don't feel like it?  What helps you get the motivation to love others when it is not convenient?  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Being Real in the Small

I'm joining up with Lisa Jo today for  Five Minute Friday.  If you want to join in...write five minutes without editing or backtracking. ;)

I've never been small (I'm 5 foot 8 1/2 inches), but I've always wished to blend in.  Sometimes into a surrounding corner, other times to become the flowery part of the wall paper.  One can imagine, then, my own surprise and frustration when I lived in a country where I'm nearly a foot taller than many of the women (but not all), about the same size as the men, and if that weren't all, my tawny brown hair and sky blue eyes set me apart from the locals.  If one wasn't careful, it was easy to develop an almost Ingrid Bergman attitude about being set aside for beauty when asked by several of the locals if one would star in a television ad as a model, or do a promotional for the school.  But I know better.  

Just because I can be chosen from a crowd of many because of my pronounced differences doesn't make me special.  I know enough to know that the smallest kindnesses are what really show what a person is.  That outside stuff---is just that.  In fact, some of the most beautiful people do extraordinary's not what they look like, it's WHO THEY ARE.

They do things like...
Wipe noses.
Champion noble causes.
Give up their seat on the bus for the elderly.
Change the toddlers clothes for the second time during the day while running late.  (Don't you wish toddlers could whisk into a different outfit in a Superman phone booth?)
Spend time caring for others while they are flat on their back hoping their bodies will heal.
Ask about the real life, the hard things, the struggles and don't shrink back after you've told them the truth.
Bring a meal.
Take courage to take small steps to change in the midst of great pain.  

It doesn't take a cape to be a superhero, it just takes time, love, and a good dose of being real in the small, the mundane.
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